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Sprinkler Start Up

The irrigation system shall be activated at its appropriate time and this will include; testing each zone individually, making adjustments to sprinkler heads and tips, ensuring a working drip system, locating and identifying any major issues to be repaired, and setting the clock for each zone.

Sprinkler Blow Out/Winterization

The irrigation system shall be properly winterized by a Patton Professionals crew. This will include; injecting pressurized air into the back flow flushing the entire system, opening all drain valves, and shutting down the clock.


Sprinklers like everything require maintenance, here at Patton Pros we specialize in finding the source of the problem then diagnosing the situation; then completing any and all necessary repairs.

New System Installation
Patton Professional crews are capable of installing new sprinkler systems for newly built homes and digging up old or broken systems and replacing them with a brand new system.

Irrigation Services